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Data Business & Monetization

We get it. Your data doesn’t serve your business needs like it should. You need fast, reliable, and easy to understand data you can use to make better decisions and create more business.


Technology & Infra­structure

Your data and legacy systems don’t support your business. You need scalable, robust, and secure data that are in your control.


Data Management & Governance

The IT department is pulling hairs out of their scalp and the business side is rolling their eyes. We’ll help your business and IT department team up and learn to love working together.

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<em>Guiding</em> the development of a spot price platform

Guiding the development of a spot price platform

Energy price volatility has increased significantly during the last couple of years. For industry buyers, electricity prices can be up to 30 % of the cost base. UPM Energy wanted to build a platform to optimize energy consumption and cost at the same time with real-time data processing. They had a lot of experience on the business side but lacked the architecture and a technical PO to look after the platform and its development.
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<em>Transforming</em> the construction industry <em>with data</em>

Transforming the construction industry with data

Lack of situational awareness, quality issues and low profitability are widely known challenges in the construction industry. Fira aims to change the industry with modularity, takt time workflow, and data & digital driven production. The digital alliance Fira has with Futurice has enabled a transformation resulting in 15 - 30 % shorter construction time.

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AI-driven <em>insights</em> empower journalists’ work

AI-driven insights empower journalists’ work

Hennibot is an automated editorial assistant that helps Sanoma’s journalists create impactful and engaging content for the reader. Hennibot leverages multiple AI-driven tools to provide insights on e.g. engaging headlines and seamless structures, and gender equality.

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By profession, we are data engineers, data architects, data scientists, and consultants. At heart, we are digital change agents.

We are highly skilled and down-to-earth people. We build relationships on trust, honesty, and good vibes. We are easy to talk to and speak the languages of Biz, IT, and data fluently.

It is our job to find human-sized solutions to complex data problems together with you. And we take our job seriously.

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