Inspiring data cases within the futurice family

<em>Transforming</em> the construction industry <em>with data</em>

Transforming the construction industry with data

Lack of situational awareness, quality issues and low profitability are widely known challenges in the construction industry. Fira aims to change the industry with modularity, takt time workflow, and data & digital driven production. The digital alliance Fira has with Futurice has enabled a transformation resulting in 15 - 30 % shorter construction time.

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AI-driven <em>insights</em> empower journalists’ work

AI-driven insights empower journalists’ work

Hennibot is an automated editorial assistant that helps Sanoma’s journalists create impactful and engaging content for the reader. Hennibot leverages multiple AI-driven tools to provide insights on e.g. engaging headlines and seamless structures, and gender equality.

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<em>Personalized experience</em> makes life easier for the best customers

Personalized experience makes life easier for the best customers

Kesko’s grocery retail division K-Ruoka wanted to make their customers’ everyday lives easier. Personalised content, targeted marketing and benefits and information about their loyalty program status were among the tools that were seen as potential tools for reaching the set goal.

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Recordly is a great addition to our Futurice family and our customers have already benefited from their data expertise

– Mikko Viikari, Co-Founder, Futurice
<em>Real-time automated data</em> for faster decision making

Real-time automated data for faster decision making

VR wants to manage commuter train disruptions before they affect customers. Ohjus is a situational awareness system that enables decentralized operation, faster problem solving and supports decision making by using model-based analytics.

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Increasing <em>sustainability and profitability</em> of energy production with data

Increasing sustainability and profitability of energy production with data

Fortum is using stochastic modeling to optimize the production of hydropower. The complex model involves tens of thousands of different time series used for one optimization, and produces a staggering volume of insights that needs to be presented to the end-user. Apollo is an expert system that manages, stores and visualizes the data and the insights, while focusing on performance optimization under the hood. 

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Making cargo operations more <em>intelligent with data</em>

Making cargo operations more intelligent with data

In ports, approximately 30 to 50 % of a crane’s downtime is related to the spreader. Bromma’s Spreader Monitoring System enables real-time monitoring and fault-handling, thanks to collecting data from the spreaders and presenting the historical and real-time performance in an easy to understand format.

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