Understanding the different layers of business and IT as well as their current and desired links in your context. This holistic approach combined with strong experience and precise methods is our specialty.
We stitch the layers together to help you turn data into tangible results.
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We get it. Your data doesn’t serve your business needs as it should. You don’t need us to show you general frameworks, you can find those on Google. We create data solutions in and for your context to help you explore the possibilities of your business data.

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • Data Security
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One of our clients said it well: We want to create actual value and not just work with data because it's fun. From hands-on data engineering and machine learning to change management, we make sure data becomes a seamless part of your everyday life. 

  • Modern Data Platforms
  • Machine Learning & MLOps
  • Data Engineering
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Talking about modern frameworks. What good are they if processes are not also in place and data at the hands of those who actually need it? Ultimately, data integrations are not only a technical process but also a matter of people and cultural change. We got you covered in both.

  • Data Integrations
  • Modern Data Platforms
  • Data Guidance
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With the lead architect, we were able to deliver the platform to our customers on time with great results.
Jukka-Pekka Häkli
UPM Energy
Recordly helped us to make our whole operations more sustainable and customer friendly. The built platform and frameworks also serve as a base for all our future ML work.
Jyrki Tulokas
Recordly helped us simplify our complex landscape, decrease manual work, and create a framework for the communal use of data.
Utopia Music
We now have a fast-paced and reliable analytics platform that helps us serve our core business better.
Markus Rautopuro
Recordly enables us to deliver better value to our customers and scale up our business.
Antti Kotanen
Lumo Analytics

Technology partners

As experienced tech agnostics, we don't think one size fits all. We work with a variety of technical partners to ensure we have the right tools for each case.


Ready to get started and tech the heck out of your data?