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Here are some of our services that can set you on the right path.


Data vision sprint

Every company has unique capabilities and assets when it comes to data. The Data Vision Sprint is a structured and battle-proven way to explore the different opportunities provided by your business data.

The Data Vision Sprint typically takes place over six calendar weeks. It consists of workshops, end customer interviews, and ideation sessions — fully facilitated by us.

At the end of the Data Vision Sprint, you will have a good understanding of the current state of your technical data capabilities and possible bottlenecks, a validated and prioritized list of development opportunities, and a proposal for the next steps in your data journey. 


Data coach

When you have a specific data-related question that you need answering, our Data Coach is there to help. Maybe you need to solidify your business case or validate the next architecture choices. You might need help with a technical bottleneck, or maybe you want to fully understand a data-related process. Whatever it is, we'll find the right expert to give clarity on the situation.

The Data Coach will spend four days getting to know your specific issue. The work starts with a workshop with you and is then followed by either more workshops with the right people, interviews, reading through documentation, or whatever is needed to get to the bottom of things. The Data Coach then spends one day documenting all the insights and determining the right way forward.

The Data Coach will hold a review meeting with you to go over the insights, findings, and suggested next steps. You will also receive key findings and suggestions as a pdf document, as well as our proposal for the next steps.

I'm in! How do we do this?


1. Get in touch with us

Call, send an email to, or fill up the contact form below to let us know you want to talk with us.

We'll start with a quick 5-minute call to make sure that we understand what you are looking for. 


2. Schedule an appointment

Once we have a rough idea of what we are dealing with, we'll gather the right people from our troops and schedule a (virtual) meeting with you.

With the right stakeholders already in our first meeting, we can get the work started efficiently.


3. Plan Your Business Data Approach

Together, we'll plan how your business data problems can be solved. 

We'll refine the plan into a proposal, after which you can choose the best way forward.


4. Execute the Plan

It is smooth sailing from here on out. We'll have the right experts working together with you and making sure you have a clear understanding of what we are up to throughout the execution. 

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