Go all-in

Here are some of our services that will take your data solutions to the next level.


Data training program

When you have a world-class data technology in use, we'll help you make sure your people and processes can make the most out of it.

Data governance is about identifying and controlling how data should be used in your organization. It has more to do with the mindset and ways of working than technical implementation. Your people need to be inspired by data, they need to feel it in their bones. But they also need the skills and the training to walk the talk.

Together with you, we'll plan a training program for your people. Once we have a clear and validated understanding of your current data-related processes, we'll draft out new and optimized processes to support the work of your people.

When we are done, you will have happy people who have the needed skills to make the most out of your data solutions. And they are the ones who ensure that you get the maximum business value from your data.


Fully functional data solutions

The MVP was a great success. But now that it's out, everybody has their ideas what the data solution should do and what purpose it should serve.

We'll put together a dream team to work on your data solution. If you already have good folks working for you, we will be more than happy to team up with your employees and other vendors. The team follows best practices in agile software development and our cultural building blocks.  

For us, security is not an afterthought nor an add-on. Security is built-in from day one, no exceptions. We'll make sure there are CI/CD practices in place, all while following your Cloud Governance model. If you didn't have these before, our experts can set them up for you. 

As a result, you'll get a constantly evolving and robust data solution that will stand the test of time. Together with you, we'll make sure your data solutions provide real business value.

I'm in! How do we do this?


1. Get in touch with us

Call, send an email to sales@recordlydata.com, or fill up the contact form below to let us know you want to talk with us.

We'll start with a quick 5-minute call to make sure that we understand what you are looking for. 


2. Schedule an appointment

Once we have a rough idea of what we are dealing with, we'll gather the right people from our troops and schedule a (virtual) meeting with you.

With the right stakeholders already in our first meeting, we can get the work started efficiently.


3. Plan Your Business Data Approach

Together, we'll plan how your business data problems can be solved. 

We'll refine the plan into a proposal, after which you can choose the best way forward.


4. Execute the Plan

It is smooth sailing from here on out. We'll have the right experts working together with you and making sure you have a clear understanding of what we are up to throughout the execution. 

Let's set the records straight!

Let's do this!