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Work Where It Suits You Best: Liisa & Päijänne

Welcome to a little blog series introducing Recordlians who generally work remotely. First up, we have Liisa and Päijänne. Spoiler alert: The latter plays two parts in this story.

Liisa Koivu

Written by — Liisa Koivu, Data Engineer

When I joined Recordly, it was clear from the beginning that I would work remotely. And for me, remote work also means working from a boat – I’ve even conducted job interviews on the water. Boating isn't just about vacationing or spending weekends; it's like having a second home from spring to autumn. As the ice will soon melt again, it's nice to reminisce about last summer.


Start of the season!The start of the season ❤️


As you can see above, the boating season began with the opening of the Vääksy Canal between Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi on the previous evening in early May. We set off on our journey amidst snowfall, and the first night saw a few degrees below freezing. Fortunately, we had the heat on inside the boat. In the morning, we put on our winter clothes to cross over to the Päijänne side. Only a week later, it was 20 degrees warm, and we were searching for our summer clothes.


Blog Banner for Website Content (1)From this to that. The weather is an integral part of life on a boat.


The daily routine is quite constant when living aboard, with no hobby or shopping spots. Days are spent working, and I'm sure the views have also become familiar to others through our meetings. My workspace is rarely outdoors during the workday because it's more comfortable to work in slightly dimmer conditions.


IMG20230515145810 (1)This is pretty much my favorite spot for work. I need to move a bit depending on the sun but oh well, cannot complain. 


On normal workdays, I only had something quick to eat during the day, like canned pasta, bread, etc. You know, whatever was easy and at hand. After work, I usually cooked food in the grill shelter on the island I was staying close to and often heated the wood-fired sauna afterward. Neither being very quick, the evenings easily passed by.


IMG20230809210009 (1)It’s about moments like this.


I also used Recordly's well-being hours for things like mushroom picking or short boat rides with my dear, furry companions:


IMG20230911193044 (1)

IMG20230814195942 (1)


There are two ultimately best parts about boat life: peace and quiet. It feels like being on vacation every day after work. As a result, even the recovery is different from elsewhere. You see nature and seasons differently than in the city. You also have to learn to respect the forces of nature. Last summer, I experienced a few severe storms and dense fog like I've never seen before. Of course, the water as an element is dear, and every day brings different sunsets and autumn's dark, warm evenings.


IMG20230825081611 (1)From the fog…

IMG20230818211235 (1)… to those evening hues. Totally worth it.


Last summer, I spent 100 nights on the boat – hopefully more this year. 

Liisa and Pena (the left one below)


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