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What is Snowflake Copilot and does it know Taylor Swift?

Mika explores Snowflake Copilot now also in English. We're talking about an LLM-powered assistant but does it know Taylor Swift?

Mika Heino

Written by — Mika Heino, Data Architect

Now that we've got Timo Jutila covered, it's time to see whether Copilot knows Taylor Swift. Juti and Ms. Swift are obviously equally famous, so it's a perfect match. 

Similar to the Finnish video, Mika starts with an introduction to Snowflake Copilot. He also explores its differences from ChatGPT and looks into the overall benefits and limitations. However, the main question everyone and their mother is eager to discover is whether Copilot knows T-Swizzle. Will it be a blank space or a true love story? Let's find out.


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