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Have The Cake & Eat It Too

Last week, we celebrated the opening of our Tampere office. Coming together at our monthly Hackathons is always precious but this time it was particularly so.

Katriina Kiviluoto

Written by — Katriina Kiviluoto, CEO & Co-founder

We are just as well aware of the current uneasiness in the world as any. And still, there we were all together opening another Recordly office. The celebration was in place for another reason, too. 

2022 was the first full fiscal year in Recordly’s history. We’ve not only increased our turnover but almost quintupled it. From 700 000€ to 3,2 million euros, to be more exact. It seems there is indeed space in the data domain for experienced professionals who not only solve problems but build bridges between business and IT enabling humans and data to cooperate on a whole new level.

The general numbers are nice to look at, sure. But what really gets me and the real reason for the celebration is what’s behind those numbers. And what they mean for everyone in the bottom line.


Since the beginning, we’ve approached Recordly with the idea of doing things differently. To really challenge the dusty, lukewarm, and even egoistic ways that companies are often run. Our guiding principle, “by employees for employees”, stems from this. Our cultural building blocks are in place to ensure we live this every day. Even if it sometimes requires a bit more effort from everyone involved.

Have the cake and eat it too. That is one of the building blocks that help us challenge the status quo. We share financial success together so that everyone can have a say in how we operate, feel ownership over the company, and enjoy their life to the fullest.

The recipe is simple: 50% of the profit from a certain exceeding percentage is shared equally with everyone. This is rewarding but it also keeps us in touch with the shared responsibility to make that happen. We bake the cake together.


Last year was also full of global turmoil on a level we have not experienced in decades. I think it’s a bit unnecessary to start listing the reasons. We all know what they are. As an aftermath, we witnessed big tech entering its first big layoff era with tens of thousands of IT professionals getting sacked at the beginning of 2023. 

And yet, in the middle of this all, we put together a sum of ca. 169 000 euros in the profit share of 2022. That equals about an extra 6 000 € for everyone who has been part of the crew the whole year.

There are many ideas to sink the sum into. At the beginning of last year, we were thinking about using some of the overall pot to go on a trip together. The Skiers, the Darkness Escapers, the Summer Seekers, and the Nature Lovers – the ideas were vast. With everything else going on around us, though, we agreed that it is not the right time. Collective decision-making also means daring to say no. So, while some of the pot undoubtedly goes into normal, daily things, some of us are using it to finance lifelong dreams like owning a motorcycle. Others are renovating and some just decorate for fun or even for their growing families. Life, you know.


I wrote in October about how we are very much alive. Coming together last week to talk about our WHY and to celebrate our achievements, I witnessed that again so vividly. This crew and the results from 2022 are a real-life example of how you can make shit happen and set new records even in the middle of difficult circumstances. Succeeding on one’s own terms while many go in the other direction. It has not been easy, but it seems companies are interested in our promise to dig dollars from data. We must be doing something right.

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