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Behind the Scenes at Recordly: Hiring Top Talent

We believe in taking good care of our greatest asset (and tbh our only asset as a consulting company, but it doesn’t make it any less great): our people. This piece will offer you insights into Recordly’s hiring practices and how we do our very best to make sure our new Recordlians have a great onboarding experience.

Milla Hänninen

Written by — Milla Hänninen, Human Care Specialist

Our dynamic duo, Tuomas and Milla, takes care of our amazing candidates all the way from sharing a DEWA (or Pena) beer with them at one of our open-for-all after-work events to eating cake with them on their first day of work. Tuomas is one of Recordly’s founders and pretty much always down to chat about anything related to data – from corporate-level data strategies to query optimization. Milla is our Human Care Specialist, which means she handles everything from developing our employment handbook to organizing our Christmas party. Rumour has it that our upcoming Christmas party is going to be pretty epic…

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Getting back to the beer and the cake, the peeps in the biz who do this professionally like to talk about talent acquisition. We think the Recordly Ride sounds more fun, but let’s call it talent acquisition to make sure we’re all on the same page. You can see the Recordly talent acquisition steps below.

Recordly’s talent acquisition steps, or the Recordly Ride.

The easiest way to explain the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition is to view recruitment as the act of simply filling an open role. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, is all about playing the long game where future needs are taken into consideration. We’re actively trying to move towards an active instead of a reactive approach when it comes to our hiring practices but it’s definitely still a work in progress. Let’s just say it’s not always easy to estimate hiring needs in a turbulent market situation. And we of course want to hire the right people for us and our clients. It’s no secret that other companies are trying to do the same. (Yes Pasi, we heard you when you said you’d received 17 In-Mail messages on LinkedIn this week and are not interested in changing jobs. That’s cool – you’re still welcome to chill with us after work <3)



In a market where the fight for talent is on it becomes even more crucial to stay true to your values – on both sides of the table. Measurably speaking, it would probably be easier for a company to just say yes to everything and roll with it but we believe that the only way to do recruitment successfully is to make sure the match for both sides is the right one. It’s a no-brainer, sure, but such a significant one that we want to explicitly mention it.

There are so many tips for interviews online. You can also just ask from a GPT. For any future Recordlian, though, we would like to highlight a few points. First of all, we are not interested in your perfect answers – neither are we interested in perfection in general. Instead, we want to get to know you, hear about your story and your aspirations. Secondly, we want to understand your approach and experience in tech and business. We believe that a group of people with different backgrounds and characteristics yet shared values and curiosity make the best team. Since we are mostly looking for senior talent, we believe in open discussion and sharing past experiences among peers instead of technical whiteboard exercises or the like.  


We’ve been enhancing our onboarding process to ensure new hires feel welcomed and quickly integrate into the team. We believe that the key to success is feeling like you’re a part of our band: Our culture is all about making an impact from day one. That's why we're dedicated to making our newcomer’s onboarding experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. When it comes to building a successful onboarding journey, we believe in the power of the six C: culture, clarification, confidence, connection, compliance, and checkback. These Cs work as guiding stars when we plan our onboarding.

We believe in the power of the six Cs.

Below you can see Recordly’s current onboarding journey. It’s also important to remember that onboarding cannot be static, it needs to develop alongside the company’s growth. As we mentioned previously, we’ve lately been enhancing our onboarding process. This is a result of both company growth and the excellent feedback we’ve gathered from newcomers after their onboarding. See how it all ties together with the power of the six Cs? Checkbacks are indeed very important! 

Those of you who looked closely at the ‘onboarding in a nutshell’ picture below might have spotted the word Buddy. As a newcomer, you also have a dedicated person, a Buddy, who helps you to integrate and answers all your questions (or knows who can answer them). Later on, the Buddy acts as a valuable sparring partner by supporting you in your career growth and competence development matters. 

Recordly’s onboarding in a nutshell, we promise we’ll take good care of you!

Even though we try our best to create a great employee experience, some turnover is always to be expected – it’s a part of the life cycle. In addition to onboarding, offboarding is also an important step on the employee’s journey with us. Gathering feedback from departing employees and thinking about how we can grow in the right way as a company is a crucial part of the offboarding process. We believe a masterpiece is never completed, and as anyone who has followed our channels knows, we do enjoy developing Recordly through versioning. In practice, this means the company is built like a product with everybody taking part in the development work together. We’ve set up supporting practices such as company development biweeklies and our dear hackathons. You can read more about them here. No wonder one of our core values implies that we want to stay ahead of the game.

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How does this sound to you? If you’re a fellow data-lover and like what you just read, we would be stoked to hear from you 👇

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